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      Excellence in Swimming and in Life

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      The University of Manitoba Bison Swim Club is a medium-sized, performance-focused, competitive swimming organization that primarily trains out of the Active Living Centre on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus.


      Training Facility

      Active Living Centre | University of Manitoba | 430 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB


      Our Philosophy


      The University of Manitoba Swimming programs philosophy is grounded in the belief that active practice and pursuit of the Olympic Dream principles help young people develop the necessary skills to reach their full potential in swimming and in life.

      We are a competitive speed swimming program and our primary objectives are to SWIM FAST:

      By creating an environment that celebrates and rewards the enjoyment of the pursuit

      By excellence in teaching and coaching

      Through superior technique

      By practicing a Championship work ethic

      By adhering to a healthy lifestyle

      Through the application of world-class training methods

      By outracing the competition